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Click here to order I'm proud to announce the release of my second book, "Getting Things Done--Keys to a Well Balanced Life." This book was just released in April 2008!

"Getting Things Done" is an anthology, which means I am co-author with several other wonderful authors. Among them are Jack Canfield ("Chicken Soup for the Soul") and Jim Cathcart, two best-selling authors and world-class speakers in the fields of business and motivation! I'm proud to share a title with such wonderful individuals.

Yes, the keys to a well balanced life include getting things done, but what does that mean exactly? How does one unlock the secrets to getting things done on time and right the first time? And how does one achieve a well balanced life? Do you think this is an impossible task? If you want your life to be better, then you have to be better. The changes you want will always have to begin with you it will not be enough to just decide that you want change. You are holding your passport to an adventure in discovery and learning. This book contains a wealth of information gathered from people who are role models of successful living. It hasn't been easy they all acknowledge that. But they all get things done and they have a well balanced life as they define it. They've realized the value in learning lessons from difficulties and obstacles they have overcome. And they've turned problems into opportunities to learn. This book is an exceptional compilation of interviews with resourceful people who will tell you how they get things done. They will reveal some remarkable insights on how you can set goals, get things done, and achieve a balanced life. This is your golden opportunity to learn from some of the most successful people in business today.

"Two things that make a difference in your life are how you think and what you do. If you change the way you think, you change your results. If you change what you do, you change your results. And if you work on both of them at the same time, or alternate working on them, then you get better even quicker!" --Jim Cathcart

"I started with Phil Mandel's chapter on NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and I especially liked what he had to say about our limiting beliefs. I've heard much of this before, but it is always good to these reminders, fresh perspectives, as well as the new insights - much of it like a good, positive, morning slap in the face or wake-up call. I plan on finishing the whole of those things on my Getting Things Done list! Mandel also has a chapter on rapport in "Nuts & Bolts: Business Edition." --J. Tad Newberry --Big Ya Video Productions, Beaverton OR"

Click here to read an excerpt of my "Getting Things Done" chapter!  

Paperback: 153 pages
Publisher: Insight Publishing, Sevierville TN (USA)
Language: English
ISBN 978-1600132940
Product Dimensions: 8.8 x 5.9 x 0.4 inches

$19.95 - Click here to order "Getting Things Done"


Click here to order My first book, "Nuts & Bolts: Business Edition," was released in May 2007. "Nuts & Bolts" is co-authored by 13 other authors. Among them are best-selling authors and world-class speakers Dr. Denis Waitley and Jim Cathcart!

Imagine sitting down over a cup of coffee and having a frank discussion about business with America's leading experts on the subject. With Nuts & Bolts: Business Edition you can; in fact, you can have that conversation with 14 experts as you soak up the information, inspiration and insights from these dynamic professionals. Don't miss a page of this content-rich book!

What are the nuts and bolts that are the essential ingredients in building a successful business? How have successful business people built their business and what does their toolbox look like? Are there some vital tools you need to make your business thrive and grow?

Good questions. And inside this book are some excellent answers. The interviews in this anthology will provide you with some tools that you can take away and use to help you be as successful and productive as these authors are. Between the covers of this book are answers to the following questions:
* What are some of the nuts and bolts you use in business on a regular basis?
* What is it that separates the highest performers from everyone else if it s not simply intelligence or talent?
* Are mission statements and values statements really important for a business to establish?
* How do leaders get ENTHUSIASTIC buy-in from staff to implement goals and align with company goals?
* How can you build rapport when the individuals involved don t agree with one another? (It really is possible! Find out how.)
* What are the four primary ways to grow a business?
* One of the authors in this book did research and interviews with over 100 crisis survivors and discovered that they used five qualities that positively transformed their lives. Find out what those qualities are in this book and how they relate to building a successful business.

Don't miss one chapter of this valuable book. You will find it to be an indispensable tool for growth and improvement
                                    in your business. Start reading this book now for a more productive and satisfying career!

"I bought this book and have reviewed it and I must say that it is an absolute must have and by far the best resource out there for helping you work at home. This should be made a mandatory book purchase for the stay at home entrepreneur because you can work more than one job at a time as well." --Kate Mosley, Avon Group Moderator

Click here to read an excerpt of my chapter, "Rapport--Who Needs It?"

Paperback: 248 pages
Publisher: Insight Publishing, Sevierville TN (USA)
Language: English
ISBN 978-1600131042
Product Dimensions: 8.8 x 6 x 0.5 inches

$19.95 - Click here to order "Nuts & Bolts: Business Edition"


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